Intro to Healing by Brandi Botts

I set myself free ❤️

Free from disease first and then as I kept going the fear kept moving out and the pain keeps moving out...and the anger- gah that is so fun to move out lol...but it fades...the guilt and all the shame and unworthiness I carried started moving out too...layer by layer the lower frequencies kept moving out with the work I was doing with a beautiful mentor and soul family friend of mine- (Karen Torres- she 👸🏽 queen)

8 freaking yearssssss of disease...and not having answers and not understanding why I was so sick and everyone around me was sick and so fearful and and the world was in such pain...

I never stopped though - I knew the answer was here and was coming...I could sense it... and then I found it and it appeared like something I would have never believed with all the fear that had bogged me down...Energy...that’s not couldn’t be...there has to be some doctor that could fix me instead...

Forever grateful for opening my heart mind and soul to the healing alchemy work I stumbled upon after a random Facebook message from a friend of mine...or I wouldn’t be here...

Disease free. Auto immunity free.
Essss freedom from weeks and weeks and years and years and a few hundred thousand dollars of medical expenses later. Grateful. But I chose this. It’s always a choice ❤️🤯 .

If I can ever help or connect you into the healing work I found and also learned over the last year please let me know. I’m here to spread the same love and healing that I so graciously stumbled upon. .

Much love and blessings to you all


For those that wanted more details on my health issues: 

8 plus years of hashimotos, adrenal issues, leaky gut, candida, parasites, extreme brain fog, no focus, debilitating anxiety, hormonal issues, light sensitivities and eye and vision issues. I couldn't go anywhere or travel without getting really sick and I was sick all the time, so many colds/flu, uti's etc etc. Was doing all the diets and even had my implants removed and nothing worked. I still was missing something that I kept searching for. Took 1000's of supplements and tried dozens of modalities of physical healing and even other energetic healing and healers...nothing clicked until I found "healing alchemy" which is something only a few dozen of souls practice on this planet taught by Karen Torres. 


Healing really isn't as complex as we make it out to be --it's just that most of us don't know and SEE what is really going on in the "empty energetic space" of our bodies and our cells. We have a physical body but it is ran by energy and the energy of the cells and other energetic systems you can't see and didn't know existed. This was the missing piece for me...that my health issues were rooted in the energetic systems and energetic anatomy of my being...and it was manifesting and appearing as physical issues. I kept treating the physical but never got to the root issue because I was meant to dig a little deeper and try everything else physical so that I would eventually be shown the answer and open to it when I was ready lol. What can I say - I like to take the long drawn out path :) 


All disease really is to me now that I can SEEEEEE with more clarity is lower frequencies. Disease = lower frequencies that need to be moved out of the energetic and physical anatomy of our being...and more higher frequencies that promote healing to take their place. And what I mean by "see" is not the seeing with your physical eyes. We also have psychic channels like our clairvoyant channels that allow us to see the energy and energy systems of our being and what is going on outside of our physical vision with our human eyes. These systems turn on more as you clear out the lower frequencies in your channels that are clogged if you will. It isn't just "special" people that can see clairvoyantly or that have these channels...we ALL have these channels and can access this as we clear out the clogs in those channels. 


For example: About a year ago plus when I would get a uti(urinary tract infection)...I began to SEE/know the lower frequencies that were there in my being and instead of going to the doctor for meds - I would move them out and and bam within 10 minutes the whole urinary tract infection would be healed and gone with no nothing. I was mind blown lol. It made me a huge believer as I continued to see this insane healing work for me and how all of my ailments and disease healed within a few months. As I saw it begin to happen with my friends as well-i knew I wasn't on the crazy train or maybe I was but it was working lol. Then it just began to get better and better to where I couldn't deny it anymore. 

 Also, I just want to be super clear. I am not saying that ALL disease and ailments can be healed in 10 minutes or even in a couple of months. Some of these larger diseases have been created over a LONG period of time so it is a continual process to MOVE out these lower frequencies because there are quite a bit...more than you can imagine but as you keep moving them out and bringing in the higher frequencies... the fear...the pain..the guilt the shame..the anxiety...the unworthiness...amongst old programming etc begins to fade and become a thing of the past.

 Also, some of these ailments we have in this life are for specific reasons and for soul lessons...often times we find our greatest strengths in moments of deep hardship. I know I have and I have become so grateful for all the diseases and illness I carried because it made me want to dig deeper to find the truth about healing. I wouldn't be where I am without these struggles. Therefore, some things are brought to us so that we find our truth and strength and are always divinely perfect when you find the "gift". 


Where do these higher frequencies come from? All true healing and higher frequencies come from God or "source" aka the source that created us all. Every soul that is a "healer" is merely a conduit of source and the healing moves through them from source. I wouldn't personally work with anyone that didn't only work with source and God's divine healing energy. No thank you lol. 

Additional note: It's a process and there are so many lower frequencies on this planet- as you can tell there is SOOO much fear and pain and anger, shame guilt, unworthiness, judgment and competition energies etc. There are so many and all of us carry these lower frequencies in our energetic and physical systems so we have to continue to move them out and replace them with more healing frequencies.

Being able to know and see those lower frequencies and move them out of my body as well as major assistance from my mentor Karen...I've been able to move out the lower ones that were creating and manifesting disease in my body and so have dozennnss of my close friends and family. It's insane to see so many of my friends doing this work now and mind blown at the stuff that has been LIFTED off of them in just a few weeks time...


As you peel back the layers of stuff that is NOT your truth- as anything lower than the frequency of love is NOT your truth and did not come from God/ are able to really stand in more love and joy and radiate more of WHO you truly are without all of that crap you were carrying around that wasn't really yours or your truth. 

That is when true healing happens...


my goal for to clear out the shit that isn't serving your highest and that isn't YOUR TRUTH...and pack in and experience more of the healing love and light that is available to all <3 


if you choose it <3 


The path I chose for healing: I wanted to share all of this info and then all of the options you have for exploring this healing for your self but for you to be able to have all of the info and decide what is best for YOU...because this is about YOU trusting your soul and where you are being guided...not me shoving it in your face. 


What I used to heal: 

1. Night of alchemical healing with Karen Torres - It's an every other Monday night 3 hour healing for only $25 if you join remotely anywhere in the world. I never miss this and neither do my boys. Karen Torres and her angelic healing team in conjunction with God/source put this event on every other Monday! whoop. So inexpensive and so powerful! lightyears of lower frequencies are removed here via the angelic realm and so many beautiful gifts of light are brought in to restore you back to love. I can't recommend this enough. 

Link to join and info:


2. I am the word by Paul Selig - this is the first book of the 9 book series where it takes you and walks you through this path of healing and aligning to the christ consciousness frequency- aka source energy (god's divine light). If you care to learn more about this path of healing then these are amazing books as well audiobooks! 


3. One on one healing work - if you are interested in working with someone that I recommend that is alignment with this work- I can share that with you and connect you to someone! Some healers work only remotely without phone calls and some have video or telephone calls while they are doing healing work with you! It's so powerful! These session range from $130-$200 each depending on whom you work with! This list will be created soon! But if you can't wait then message me and I will connect you to someone! 

Karen Torres - my mentor has remote healings for $130-$150 depending on if you get only ONE of a group of 5 - her assistant Kat Gibson's number is 561-628-2846 . you can text her that you got the info from me and would like to set up a remote healing! 


I also have other friends that do this work and I will add their info here soon!


4. I have a new video series launching soon to help those of you that want to dive deeper to dive deeper. 


5. I also use the SAKRED woke frequency infused MCT oil drops as these drops have the higher frequencies in them that I use in my healing work too. This is the ONLY supplement I have taken in over a year. I went from dozensssss to ONE. 


I am so excited to at least have the opportunity to share what has changed my whole life and so many others I am walking this path with. 


Also always here for questions along your journey as this is a journey!!! an exciting one! 


much love and blessings, 


Brandi Botts

**I also share so much content around this work on my instagram

username is xo.brandibotts